Saturday, November 14, 2009

Girls DO NOT know how to shop

So I work at a clothing boutique. I never knew how dumb girls were till I started working there. We don't have enough room for all of our storage so we use 2 out of 3 of our fitting rooms for stock. Obviously we only have 1 fitting room. OK! So when you open the other fitting room doors which is OUR STOCK...and you see STOCK and OUR PERSONAL think...oh this isn't a fitting room so...I'm not going to try on clothes in here, maybe I'll go RIGHT ACROSS the aisle and try it on. NO. These dumb bitches don't. So I tell the lady "umm excuse me, that's not a fitting room" she responds "I know that sweetie" then I say "well...why are you in there?" she says "I wanted to try on this dress and the other girl said I could come in here" I say "what other girl? I'm the only one working here today?" she says "well I'll be out as quick as possible". Ok..SERIOUSLY how fucking dumb are you? Also when you drop a shirt, pick it up and don't just lay it on top of the a lady you stupid dumb fucks. Have a good day :D

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  1. hey so all i had to do was use my google account to comment you! pow! <==== idk why i just did that. anywho....that lady doesnt sound very nice. haha.....idk why i just wrote "haha" cause it wasnt funny at all..haha....oh boy